Tum Hi Aana - Jubin Nautiyal Lyrics

Tum Hi Aana - Jubin Nautiyal Lyrics

Singer Jubin Nautiyal
Music Payal Dev
Song Writer Kunaal Vermaa

Tum Hi Aana is super hit song for the year sung by Jubin Nautiyal, Tum Hi Aana song Lyrics composed by Aditya Dev.

Tere Jaane Ka Gham,
 I grieve with the pain that you went away; 
Aur Naa Aane Ka Gham,
 and are not coming back to me yet. 

Phir Zamaane Ka Gham, 
The fear of sarcastic comments by people (or world)
 about our love also worries me.
 Kya Karein? 
What should I do in such circumstances?

 Raah Dekhe Nazar, 
My eyes watch for your paths and long to see you come back.
 Raat Bhar Jaag Kar,
 by keeping awake all night long.
 Par Teri Toh Khabar Na Mile,
 But there is no news (or sign) of you.

 Bahut Aayi Gayi Yaadein,
 It was only your memories which repeatedly came back to me.
 Magar Iss Baar Tum Hi Aana, 
But this time,
 I wish you to come back instead.

 Iraade Phir Se Jaane Ke Nahi Laana,
 Don’t bring me the thoughts that you would again go away.
 Tum Hi Aana, Please,
 come back.

 Meri Dehleez Se Hokar, Baharein Jab Guzarti Hain,
 When the springs pass by from my threshold (or my house);
 Yahan Kya Dhoop Kya Saavan, 
Hawayein Bhi Barasti Hain,
 Not just the sunshine or the seasons of rain,
 even the winds too shower here.

 Humein Poocho Kya Hota Hai,
 Bina Dil Ke Jiye Jaana, 
You could ask me,
 how is it to live without a heart?

 Bohat Ayi Gayi Yaadein, 
Your memories repeatedly came to me.
 Magar Is Baar Tum Hi Aana.
 But I urge you to come back this time.

 Koyi Toh Raah Woh Hogi, 
There must be some path,
 Jo Mere Ghar Ko Aati Hai, 
That shall lead you to my home.
 Karo Peecha Sadaa’on Ka,
 Your should follow the voices (or sounds), 

Suno Kya Kehna Chahti Hai, 
And try to guess what they are trying to tell you. 
Tum Aaoge Mujhe Milne, 
You are coming to see me. 

Khabar Yeh Bhi Tum Hi Laana,
 It should be only you to bring me such good news.
 Bahut Aayi Gayi Yaadein,
 I have always (or consistently) missed you.

 Magar Iss Baar Tum Hi Aana,
 But I want you to come back this time.
 Marjaavaan! I shall die!